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Honda Genuine Battery: Road Trip Ready

Ready For Your Summer Road Trip?

  • • Just like all passengers vehicles, Honda models should be routinely inspected and maintained. It's important for Honda owners to have roughly annual battery checks in order to ensure that other electrical and mechanical components operate smoothly.

  • • Read on to learn more about some common problems and solutions involving batteries in Honda cars!


Signs of Poor Battery Performance

  • • Corrosion on the Terminals

  • • Delays in Startup of Ignition System

  • • Weak Exterior and Interior Lighting

  • • Unusual Cranking Noise Under the Hood

  • • Dashboard Warning Indicators Come On

When you attempt to start the ignition system, you might notice a loud cranking noise that usually indicates a weak delivery of electrical current from the battery. Similarly, the interior lights and headlights might not generate maximum illumination when they receive little output from a compromised battery. Most Honda vehicles also have high-tech sensors that issue warnings in the dashboard when there are issues relating to the electrical system.

Protocols for Inspection and Maintenance

  • • Check Terminals For Corrosion

  • • Inspect Fluid Levels Inside All Cells

  • • Test Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) Output

  • • Remove and Replace Weak Battery

After opening the hood of your vehicle, a certified auto technician will visually inspect the battery for any leaks that could cause corrosion. It's also important to check the levels of ions and water inside each cell. Using precise diagnostic equipment, a mechanic could measure the cold cranking amps (CCA) rating of a battery. If this important reading is low, then the weak battery must be removed and replaced with a new one.

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