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As you’ve been commuting, running errands, and driving out to meet friends, you may not realize that your tires are wearing down a little more with each trip. The good news is that here at Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg, we have a great selection of new tires for your Honda in Fredericksburg, VA. Come see us today!

If you aren’t sure whether or not your Honda vehicle needs new tires, there a few things to keep in mind. After about five years the tires begin to show some serious wear, and the maximum recommended lifespan for any tire is 10 years. If you aren’t sure how old the tires are on your vehicle, you can check the manufacturer date by finding the DOT number on the sidewall. You can also do a simple at home test by placing a penny along the treading. When more than half of Lincoln’s head is visible, it’s time to come to Pohanka Honda. Be sure to check out the service specials here on our website!

There are several benefits to getting new tires for your Honda in Fredericksburg, VA. The first is that you will get peace of mind. When snow or rain make roads less than ideal to drive on, you want to ensure that your vehicle is getting the maximum amount of traction control. Old tires can’t always handle inclement conditions and you may find yourself in a dangerous situation. You’ll also note overall improved performance as your vehicle doesn’t have to work as hard to grip turns or highway stretches. Additionally, worn tires are more susceptible to potholes, sharp objects, and extreme temperatures. No one wants to get stuck on the side of Route 50 with an unexpected flat, so come shop for new tires!

When you come to Pohanka Honda, you’ll receive personal care and attention every step of the way. Our representatives and technicians are knowledgeable with all different types of Honda models, so whether you drive an Accord, a HR-V, or a Ridgeline, they’ll be able to suggest the best kind of tires. Go ahead and purchase a whole new set, or just a single tire, the choice is up to you. We also have an experienced service center that is more than happy to put the fresh tires on your vehicle – no appointment necessary!

For nearly 100 years, we at Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg has been serving customers like you. Come experience our dedication and get new tires for your Honda in Fredericksburg, VA. We look forward to meeting you!    

New Tires for Your Honda in Fredericksburg, VA

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