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2016 Honda Civic Preview in Virginia | VA

The New 2016 Honda Civic is Coming Soon to Virginia Later this Year

2016 Honda Civic Coming soon to Virginia


If you’re considering buying a new Honda Civic this year, then you will certainly get more than you expected in the 2016 Honda Civic coming soon to Virginia. The 2016 Civic has been completely redesigned with a sporty exterior. It also comes with a plethora of new features, including great safety systems and an efficient powertrain. To top it all off, when you buy a 2016 Honda Civic you will get more body and style options than ever before with two brand new models available in the US.

If you like a sporty feel, but are more interested in the sedan or coupe body style of the Honda Civic, don’t worry because even those body styles have gotten a sporty makeover. The 2016 Honda Civic coming soon to Virginia is longer and wider with a shorter front overhang to give it an aggressive look. The impressive and precisely placed lines and edges along the sides, paired with the sleek roofline, lets you know that this car will cut through the air with little resistance. Then, of course, you have the new profile now that the 2016 Honda Civic has a sleeker trunk, which looks as though it is blended into the rear window, and a shorter and steeper windshield.

2016 Honda Civic


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