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Tires For Sale Near Manassas and Mechanicsburg


One of the more important features on your vehicle can be oft overlooked: Your tires. Beyond properly inflating them and doing the well-known 'Penny Test', what else do you really need to know about them? As it turns out, quite a bit. And no matter your needs, you'll find tires for sale near Manassas and Mechanicsville at Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg.

It may sound silly, but you can equate the kind of tires on your vehicle to a kind of shoe you would wear. It's comfortable to wear sandals in the summer, but you certainly wouldn't want to wear them on a cold winter's day. Likewise, if you were going out for a run, you'd wear a cross trainer shoe, not galoshes, right? The same goes for your car. Depending on the season or what conditions you'll be driving in, a different tire may be suitable for your vehicle.

If you have a car that has performance or low-profile tires, pay close attention here. While they may add a sportier look to your vehicle, and are great for handling, they make for a rougher ride. Additionally, they don't perform well in wet or wintry conditions. For an environment like Virginia, all-season tires might be your best bet. Just as the title suggests, these tires are great for all times of the year. Made for areas with a varied climate, these tires work well during wet, dry, or snowy conditions. For sport utility vehicles and trucks both all-season and all-terrain tires are an option. These tires are made for great handling both on and off the road, and are often made to be more resistant to punctures and holes. If you live in an area where you may be susceptible to a lot of snow, you may require winter tires. Again, the title lets you know these are meant for snowy and icy conditions.

So, you know what kind of tires you need, but you aren't sure if you need new ones? Here are a few tips to check. The first thing to check is the look of the tires. How much tread is left on the tire? Does it look even or uneven? Is there bubbling or bulge on the sidewall? Are you noticing any vibrating, shaking, or even the vehicle pulling to one side more than the other? These may be sign that you need new tires, or at least a visit to Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburgto see what the problem might be.


Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg carries all the names you've come to know when in comes to tires. We have a large and varied selection to choose from, including BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Cooper, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Hankook, and Micheline, just to name a few.

If you're considering new tires for sale near Manassas and Mechanicsville, Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg has the tires you need, for sale at the prices you can afford. Come see us today!

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